23/24/25 August 2013 - Olten/Switzerland



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Find-a-Ride / Offer-a-Ride

You are looking for a ride to the Demodays? Are you planning a trip to the party with you car and have an empty seat left? Need someone to talk to on the long train journey? Use the comments-function to offer rides, ask for rides and talk about rides.


Submitted by ALIEN (not verified) on

I'll start 16:00 in Stäfa (Lake of Zürich). Will pass Wetzikon, Zürich, Baden, Aarau and be around 18:00 in Olten. If anybody needs a ride, call me on +41 77 251 36 48 (have 2 seats free in the car).

Submitted by Arnaud (not verified) on
I will leave from Neuchatel today to the party If anyone want to be in the car ;) @bizcom

Looking for a ride back from the party to anywhere as close as possible to the Netherlands.

I already have a ride to the party, just not for the way back.

Submitted by Netpöt (not verified) on

We will be going back to Frankfurt on Sunday, which is probably somewhat half-way on your way. It's difficult for me to say if we'll have another seat for you, but we might.

As things are looking now, Axel and I will be driving to the party from Frankfurt on Friday afternoon. We will probably have another seat available. Care to join us?

Submitted by TheT(ourist) (not verified) on

If your offer is still valid, I could join you guys in Frankfurt.

Submitted by Netpöt (not verified) on

Sure. Can you say how much luggage you're going to have? Are you in Frankfurt then anyway, or would you be travelling to Frankfurt to join us? Drop me an e-mail at stiegler@highteq.net

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